Dhammika Muesse

Dhammika Muesse

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


My post doctoral research work (at St Jude children’s Research hospital) includes structural and thermodynamic Studies of the Winged-helix DNA Binding Domain of the Proto-Oncoprotein Qin using solution Nuclear Magenetic Resonance spectroscopy, and Isothermal calorimetry. The DNA binding winged helix domains of the Qin and human FOXG1B are identical. We study the solution structure of cQin-WHD and describe structural and dynamic changes that occur upon DNA binding.


Jayawardene (now Muesse) D.S., Dass C., The effect of N-terminal acetylation and the inhibition activity of acetylated enkephalins on the aminopeptidase M-catalyzed hydrolysis of enkephalins, Peptides, 20 (1999) 963 –970.

Jayawardene(now Muesse) D.S., Dass, C., Fragmentation Characteristics of peptide-metal ion adducts under matrix assisted laser desorption /ionization post-source time-of-flight mass spectrometric conditions, J. of Mass spectrom. (2002) 389-394.

Jayawardene (now Muesse) D.S. et. al, Assignments of the 1H,13C, and 15N resonances of the winged helix domain of the proto-oncoprotein c-Qin (FoxG1B). J Biomol NMR. (2002) 243-244.

Jayawardene (now Muesse) D.S. et. al, Relating protein Dynamics to Function: Structural and Thermodynamic studies of the Winged-helix DNA Binding Domain of the BF1/ Proto-Oncoprotein Qin. In preparation.


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Ph.D. University of Memphis (Chemistry)
M.S. University of Colombo, Sri Lanka (Analytical Chemistry)
B. S. University of Colombo, Sri Lanka (Bio-science)