Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs works under the leadership of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Milton Moreland. Along with Provost Moreland, there are currently three Associate Provosts and an Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness. Although all are called upon to do many different things, their general areas of responsibility are described below.

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Dr. Milton Moreland, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, is the chief academic officer of the college and the “go-to-person” for all matters that affect student learning at Rhodes. He is charged with enhancing the quality of undergraduate education through promotion of excellence in teaching, the development of scholarship, and close student-faculty interactions. In addition, he works with academic department chairs and interdisciplinary program directors in addressing curricular, personnel, and budgetary matters. Dr. Moreland, Professor of Religious Studies, has served as the Director of the Rhodes Institute, Chair of the Archaeology Program, and Director of the Memphis Center at Rhodes College. He was the 2012 recipient of the Jameson M. Jones Award for Outstanding Faculty Service.

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Dr. Brian Shaffer, Associate Provost, is the office’s point person for faculty evaluation.  He works closely with chairs and faculty evaluation committees (Tenure & Promotion) at all levels of faculty evaluation, including first-, second-, and fourth-year reviews; tenure and promotion to professor reviews; and post-tenure, post-promotion, and term appointment reviews.  In the case of tenure and promotion to professor reviews he also works with off-campus evaluators of scholarship.  Associate Provost Shaffer also administers a number of faculty development programs (e.g., Faculty Development Endowment Grants, Professional Travel Funding, Rotational Professorships, and Sabbatical Leaves) and liaises with the Faculty Development Committee (FDC).  


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Dr. Tim HuebnerAssociate Provost. Dr. Huebner’s areas of oversight and administration include faculty records, contracts, and salary; approval of faculty job ads; hiring of adjunct and term faculty; teaching loads and course enrollments; academic space and equipment; Academic Affairs and Departmental budgets; grade change requests, summer school, and graduate programs. Dr. Huebner collaborates with the Registrar on course enrollments and scheduling, and assists the Provost on special projects. He represents the Provost’s Office on the Technology and Academic Space Committee, the Information Services Governance Committee, and the Enrollment Advisory Committee.  He also serves on the Administrative Assessment Committee.  The Registrar, Director of Health Professions Advising, Director of Assessment, and Director of the Meeman Center for Lifelong Learning all report directly to him. 


Dean for Faculty Development: Amy Jasperson

Dean for Curricular Development: Natalie Person