Career Services

Open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm
Burrow 105 (Lower level, Burrow Hall) | 901.843.3800

Career Services staff and students

Welcome to the Rhodes College Career Services page. Let us help you achieve your professional goals!

"To assist and guide students through the career development process and empower them to achieve meaningful careers throughout their lives."

"All students will graduate from Rhodes College prepared, engaged, self-aware, and confident in their abilities to fulfill professional, academic, and personal goals."

“Your Journey Begins Here”
Our goal is not just for students to find jobs; it’s much broader than that! Our office exists as a starting point for students to build successful and meaningful careers. Many of our students realize what their goals and aspirations will be during college, as they meet new people and undergo unique and transformative experiences. We intend to help students navigate those experiences and craft them into a plan for their future career success!

93.5% of our graduates are employed and/or attending graduate school a year after earning their Rhodes degree. See our full post-graduate report. 

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