a student at commencement

Postgraduate and Career

Rhodes English majors pursue a wide variety of professional careers, and they find that the critical reading and writing skills they gain in the major are highly valued by employers in business, education, media, and the arts. In recent years, a number of our graduates have joined the Teach for America program or taught in public or independent schools around the world. Others have taken positions in journalism, writing at Business Week, the Memphis Flyer, Memphis Magazine, and other publications. Among our recent graduates in the business world are the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy Executive Director, A Community Support Specialist at Facebook, and a Marketing Professional, CRM Software Administrator.

English majors have pursued graduate degrees in the fields of literature, creative writing (fiction and poetry), humanities, natural and social sciences, and law. Some of the graduate schools students have attended most recently include Emory, Johns Hopkins, The Iowa Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Washington University, Columbia, Tulane, University of North Carolina, and University of Illinois.

Scholarship Opportunities