Jaqueline Oliveira

Jaqueline Oliveira

Assistant Professor of Economics

I received my Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University in 2013. My dissertation was entitled “Intergenerational Transfers, Fertility, and Human Capital.”  Before I joined Rhodes College, I was an Assistant Professor at Clemson University where I taught Introduction to Econometrics and Family Economics. My research interests include topics in Development Economics, Labor Economics, Family Economics, and Urban Economics.

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Birth Order and the Gender Gap in Educational Attainment
Review of Economics of the Household, forthcoming

The Value of Children: Inter-Generational Support, Fertility, and Human Capital 
Journal of Development Economics, 2016. Volume 120, p. 1-16. (Supplemental Material

Fertility, Migration, and Maternal Wages: Evidence from Brazil 
Journal of Human Capital, 2016. Volume 10, p, 377-398.