A Fellowship is defined as an activity outside the conventional classroom that complements and broadens the student's program of liberal arts education. Fellowships support co-curricular experiences in which students take intellectual ownership in a faculty-mentored project or experience. Students or faculty may apply for fellowships for one or more academic semesters or for the summer. 

Self-Designed Fellowships

Fellowships may be designed by students or by faculty/staff who wish to mentor student fellows. The fellowship experience should complement and broaden the student's program of liberal arts education. This may be accomplished through a variety of experiences, including application of knowledge to a novel problem and/or investigation of a research question, community engagement, making connections between/among different disciplines or programs of study, specific career preparation and/or professional development, training for graduate or professional school, engagement across differences (through contact with people with different ideas, backgrounds, and experiences), and/or leadership development. The deadline for self-designed fellowship applications is February 15. Use the 2020 Fellowship application as a worksheet to record your answers; applications should be submitted using the online Fellowship Application.

Contact Dr. Katherine White, Director of Fellowships and Undergraduate Research, for more information.

Lainoff Fellowships

Funding from Trustee Lainoff provides the opportunity to participate in experiential learning projects in various disciplines, with preference given to students majoring in Theatre or English. Students may propose their own fellowship as long as the fellowship is not faith based, scientific, or politically or socially conservative. Although there is a rolling deadline for Lainoff Fellowship applications, students are encouraged to submit applications by February 15. The 2020 Fellowship application can be used as a worksheet to record your information; applications should be submitted using the online Fellowship Application. Applicants should also contact Dr. Katherine White, Director of Fellowships and Undergraduate Research, to indicate their interest in applying for a Lainoff Fellowship.

Hatzenbuehler Summer Ministry Fellowship for Social Justice

Students with an interest and past involvement in ministry and/or social issues through a social justice lens can apply for the Hatzenbuehler Fellowship. Social justice may include working toward equality for individuals and groups (e.g., in terms of gender, race or human sexuality) or larger community and world issues (e.g., homelessness, poverty, multi-cultural understanding, religious or ethnic tolerance, environmental or health care concerns). The deadline for applications is February 15. Students should use the general 2020 Fellowship application as a worksheet, and applications should be submitted using the online Fellowship Application. However, applicants should also contact Dr. Katherine White, Director of Fellowships and Undergraduate Research, for a copy of additional questions that must be submitted with this application.

Mayor's Urban Fellows program

Contact Sandi George Tracy, Director of career Services; the deadlines to apply are around October 1 and March 1.

Summer Service Fellowship

Get paid to engage in intensive community projects over the summer. Contact Sandi George Tracy; the deadline to apply is February 15.

The Mike Curb Institute Fellows

The Mike Curb Institute provides real-world musical experiences in Memphis that link to their studies on campus. Work in a variety of areas, including audio/video production, PR/Marketing, Research and Preservation, and Community Engagement. 

Students interested in pursuing a Curb Fellowship should contact Prof. John Bass, and are highly encouraged to take the Music and Community in Memphis course (URBN 262).

Turley Memphis Center Fellowship in the Arts

These fellowships will allow students to launch and sustain arts-related projects in partnership with a faculty mentor. These projects will be wide-ranging and are designed to bring a student's classroom interests into contact with the unique opportunities of the Memphis area. The deadline for applications is February 15. Please contact Dr. Stephanie Cage, Associate Director of the Turley Memphis Center, for more information.

Health Equity Summer Fellowship

The Health Equity Fellowship is a full-time, funded summer fellowship experience for Rhodes students. Fellows will have the opportunity to work on projects that address disparities that impair human health and flourishing and that contribute to building a culture of equity. As part of the equity fellowship, student fellows will participate in a community of practice to build a culture of equity at Rhodes College, make the campus more diverse and inclusive, enrich student experience inside and outside the classroom, and strengthen relationships with community partners. Fellows will be expected to share their projects and experiences with the broader community at Rhodes and in Memphis. Students who have completed preparatory work to address social inequalities are encouraged to apply. The deadline for applications is February 15. Contact Dr. Stephanie Cage for more information.

Rhodes/UT Neuroscience Research Fellowship

Work in a neuroscience lab at the University of Tennessee Medical School. Contact Prof. David Kabelik; applications open on December 1 and are due February 1.

St. Jude Summer Plus Fellowship

Work alongside researchers at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Contact Prof. Gary Lindquester; applications open on December 1 and are due February 1.

Le Bonheur Summer Plus Fellowship

Work with treatment teams at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital to interact directly with patients as well as to conduct research and quality improvement projects. Contact Jessica Kelso; applications open on December 1 and are due February 1.

Urban Education Summer Fellowship

This summer fellowship allows Rhodes students to critically examine issues in urban education, using the city of Memphis as a site to explore these issues both locally and nationally. Contact Dr. Laura Taylor for more information.

Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies

The Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies is an 8-week summer program that allows students of any major study a research topic or creative activity of any discipline through the regional lens of Memphis and the greater Mid-South Area. Contact Prof. Charles McKinney; the deadline to apply is in mid-February. 

History Fellowships and Internships

Contact Dr. Tait Keller for more information. 

Writing Fellow

Writing Fellows serve as tutors in the college's Writing Center and may be assigned as a mentor and tutor to a First-Year Writing Seminar. Fellows must be nominated by a member of the faculty for their writing ability no later than March 1st for the following academic year. Contact Dr. Rebecca Finlayson.