Housing Selection for Returning Students

Roommates and Room Selection

To prepare for room selection, choose your roommate(s) for next year and several room preferences. No room will be under-booked, i.e. four students must sign up for East Village, 8 students for an eight person suite in West Village, two students must request a double, etc. For the traditional residence halls (not East Village, Parkway, or West Village), roommates should determine their best lottery number and arrive to housing selection at the time listed for that number. Please bring the Housing Selection Memo with you.

A student other than you and your roommate(s) may not use your lottery number. It is also to your advantage to be on time for room selection; it is not necessary for you to arrive early to select housing. Floor plans will be posted in Hardie Auditorium and updated as rooms are selected. No room changes will be made prior to June 15, 2018.

Need a Roommate. If you need a roommate, please sign up here by Wednesday April 4, 2018. The Residence Life Office staff will communicate the names to all students who signed the list. We provide this as a service to students who may be seeking a roommate for next year. If you are unable to secure a roommate prior to selection for a double room, come to housing selection at your assigned time. The first individual student who arrives at housing will select a room, the subsequent student of the same gender will be assigned with that student, etc.  

Proxy Assignment - If you registered for housing, but will be unable to attend housing selection, you may send a proxy. Complete the proxy statement on your Housing Selection Memo, and give your form to the person who will select housing for you. 

Disability Accommodation Request - Any student with a disability that may necessitate a special housing accommodation should contact Melissa Butler at (901) 843-3885. Requests for accommodation should be made by March 1, 2018 to ensure availability.

Room Availabilities - A list of room occupancies and floor plans are on the Residence Life website. At this point, rooms available are consistent with this year’s gender balance. It is difficult to predict the number of students who cancel lottery numbers prior to selection. Therefore, the gender of a wing/floor might change before April 7, 2018. The list of availabilities is carefully created in order to minimize the last-minute shifting of space.

Meal plans

Meal plans are required for all residential students.  Students in Parkway Hall and East Village can choose from 7, 15, or 21 meals per week. While residents in all other halls including the Spann townhouses can select from 15 or 21 meal plans.  Meal plans include $100 declining dollars per semester.  There are no exemptions to the meal plan requirement.

Theme Housing Options

Substance Free Housing
Substance free floors are for students and their guests who have made a conscientious decision to refrain from the use of substances (drug, alcohol, and tobacco) in the residence halls or returning to the hall under the influence of substances.

Housing Selection for students interested in substance free will take place prior to regular housing selection. To express interest theme housing, please enter info here.

Pride Housing
The purpose of Pride Housing is to facilitate the building of intentional community among LGBTQ members of the Rhodes Community and their allies.  Those living on the hall will share regular dinners, devote time to LGBTQ community service and meet regularly for discussion about queer issues.  All community activities are planned by its members and are open to everyone on campus.  Interested students should enter info here.

Townhouse Information
The 4 Spann Townhouses will be assigned during 6 person selection times.  Students who live in a townhouse have the option of two meal plans – 15 meals per week and 21 meals per week.

Housing Selection Etiquette

As you go through housing selection, be considerate of others with regard to your housing choices. Please be an honest participant in the process. The Residence Life Office, Social Regulations Council, and/or Honor Council will investigate allegations of dishonest or unethical behavior.

  • If you are unsure if your plan is ethical or not, ask!
  • Go through housing selection with the person with whom you intend to live. Do not "use" another roommate with a higher lottery number who will later move out. 
  • Make arrangements to live off campus if that is your intention. Do not sign up for a room to help a friend with a rooming situation.
  • Use your own lottery number. Use of someone else′s number will result in an Honor Council referral.
  • Allegations of dishonest or unethical behavior will be investigated by the Residence Life or the appropriate judicial council.

Housing Cancellation Policy

By contacting Aretha Milligan, Director of Residence Life, a student may cancel the registration or housing assignment. If a student cancels by 5 p.m. on April 6, 2018 the student will incur no cancellation fee. If a student cancels between April 7 and May 15, a cancellation fee of $200 will be placed on the student’s account. Students who cancel between May 16 and June 30 will incur a $300 cancellation fee. After June 30, the cancellation fee is $500. If a student registers for housing, and then decides to participate in a study abroad program next fall, the registration will be deferred to the spring semester, and no fee will be incurred. If a student registers for housing, and is subsequently released from the residency requirement, the registration will be cancelled without penalty. If a student registers for housing and subsequently withdraws or transfers the student will be held to the housing cancellation policy.

In the case that a roommate withdraws from housing, a student may be assigned to the open space, or the remaining student may be asked to move to another under-booked room.

Proxy Assignment

If you have registered for housing, but will be unable to attend housing selection, you may send a proxy. Complete the proxy statement on your Housing Selection Form, and give your form to the person who will select housing for you.

If you have questions please call the Residence Life Office at 843-3241.

Housing Demand

The College requires incoming first-year students and rising sophomores to live on campus. It is expected that some students will cancel their registration prior to housing selection. However, if at housing selection, demand is still greater than capacity, some rising juniors will be placed on a waiting list (in lottery number order) for housing so that we can accommodate rising sophomores and incoming first year students. If a waiting list is needed, it will be a short list. As spaces open during the spring and summer, students will be contacted in waiting list order. If a student is on the waiting list, the cancellation fee policy will be in effect when the student accepts a housing assignment. An update will be emailed to rising juniors on April 1 (the day after East Village selection – EV selection will proceed as normal).


To control room and board costs for residents, the College’s goal is to open the halls in August at 100% occupancy. Given the demand from returning students and our admissions goal, it is expected that residence halls will be full this fall. On average, 83% of returning students who register for housing selection actually move into the halls in August. A few students transfer, and others choose to live off campus or study abroad during the fall semester. The Residence Life Office reserves some rooms for incoming students, but cancellations from returning students are expected. These cancellations provide the remainder of rooms for first year students.

If your roommate cancels a housing assignment, you will be required to consolidate in order for the College to meet housing goals for first year students. In this situation, you will be contacted by email or phone. With your cooperation, the College will assist you to create a roommate/room situation with which you will be comfortable. Unfortunately, if you do not respond to messages, a consolidation may be made. An early cancellation in the spring/summer creates more options for the remaining roommate(s). Please contact Aretha Milligan with questions about consolidation.