head shot of Brooke Schedneck

Brooke Schedneck

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Brooke Schedneck received her B.A. from Boston University, majoring in religious studies. She holds an M.T.S., focusing on World Religions, from Harvard Divinity School and a Ph.D. in Asian Religions from Arizona State University. Her work broadly concerns contemporary Buddhism in Thailand, where she has lived and conducted researched for over eight years. Further interests include global Buddhism, religions of Southeast Asia, gender in Asian religions, and religious tourism. Previous research has explored the modern vipassana meditation movement in Thailand’s international meditation centers and tourist encounters with Buddhism in Northern Thailand. Her current research focuses on monastic scandals and the monastic body within Thai Buddhism.

Selected Publications:


Buddhist Tourism in Asia, co-editor. University of Hawaii Press, in the series Contemporary Buddhism, 2020.

Thailand’s International Meditation Centers: Tourism and the Global Commodification of Religious Practices, Routledge, in the series Contemporary Asian Religions, 2015.    

Recent Articles:

“Thai Buddhist Monastic Schools and Universities.” Co-author, Education About Asia 24 (1): 37-42, 2019.

“The Promise of the Universal: Non-Buddhists’ Accounts of their Vipassanā Meditation Retreat Experiences.” Religion, 2019.                                                                        

“Religious others, tourism, and missionization: Buddhist ‘Monks Chats’ in Northern Thailand.” Modern Asian Studies. 52 (6): 1888-1916, 2018.

“Transcending Gender: Female Non-Buddhists’ Experiences of the Vipassanā Meditation Retreat.” Religions. Special Issue Women in Buddhism. 9 (4): 90, 2018.

“Presenting ‘Lanna’ Buddhism to Domestic and International Tourists in Chiang Mai.” Asian Journal of Tourism Research. 2 (3): 1-22, 2017.

“Beyond the Glittering Golden Buddha Statues: Encountering Difference and Transforming the Self through Buddhist Volunteer Tourism in Thailand.” Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing. 18 (1): 57-78, 2017.

Book Chapters:

“Religious Encounters in Thailand: International Meditation Centers within Transnational Settings.” In EastSpirit: Transnational Spirituality and Religious Circulation in East and West. ed. Jørn Borup, Brill Publishers: 279-278, 2017.

“The Rise of Female Meditation Teachers in Southeast Asia.” In Women and Asian Religions. Zayn Kassam, ed. Women and Religion in the World Series, ABC-CLIO: 313-328, 2017.
“Buddhist International Organizations.” In The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Buddhism. Michael Jerryson, ed. Oxford University Press: 398- 420, 2016.


Ph.D., Religions of Asia, Arizona State University
M.T.S., Harvard University
B.A., Boston University