Urban Studies

In Urban Studies, coursework is integrated with urban field experiences to lend perspective to different urban phenomena. It provides an interdisciplinary learning experience grounded in the liberal arts and connected to concerns of Memphis, the Mid-South region, and the world.

Intercultural Knowledge and Competence Symposium

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The Urban Studies 250: Intercultural Knowledge and Competence class welcomes all students, faculty and staff to join our class on Tuesday, December 9 from 3:30-5:30 pm in Blount Auditorium for group presentations

3:30pm- Dating and Intersectionality (Ambria Arnold, Tyler Harvey, Jingwen Luo) Our project explores the roles that gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status play in students' choice of who they date. It also seeks to examine dating trends and gain an understanding of how dating is impacted by intersectionalities at Rhodes.

4:00 pm- Social Media at Rhodes (Brooke Bierdz, Caroline Reel, Andrew Tait) Amidst campus-wide and nation-wide conversations regarding campus climate, social media has been a prominent subject for criticism. In our expanding digital age, campus climate not only plays out in the halls and in the quads, but in and through our mobile devices. This research project was designed to gather and assess campus attitudes and perspectives towards social media, with a particular lens on anonymous forms of social media.

4:30pm- I, Too, Am Rhodes: Addressing Microaggressions (Justice Franklin, Jay Hedges, Andres Miller) The goal of our project is to bring about both internal and external awareness about the prevalence of microaggressions here at Rhodes. Our goal is to give the students of the campus community a chance to reflect on their own experiences surrounding microaggressions. We will present a photo-awareness campaign, as well as some data in the form of personal testimony from the participants, and much, much more!

5:00pm- Sexual Misconduct Education Campaigns: Do Students Really Learn From our Current Education in Place? (Winn Decker, Becky Kempf, Elizabeth Vecseri) Sexual assault education and bystander intervention have been a focal point on many college campuses in recent years. As the White House begins to enforce new policies on Sexual Assault Education beginning in 2016, colleges are on a search to find the best way to educate the

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