Quinn Slobodian, From the End of Empire to the End of Neoliberalism?: The Alt-Globalization of the Right-Wing Backlash

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Contact person: Jonathan Judaken

Drawing upon his much-touted book, Globalists, Quinn Slobodian will trace the development of neo-liberalism and explore its consequences for the rise of the populist right. The 1990s saw the culmination of a decades-long project of neoliberal globalism with the creation of institutions from the WTO to the EU and NAFTA designed to lock in free trade and capital rights.  Since 2016, these institutions have come under attack, leading some to diagnose the death of neoliberalism. But the obituary might be premature. Through examples from Trump’s trade team to Brexit to the German right, Slobodian suggests that the current right-wing backlash proposes not a rejection of globalization but an alternative form of it, not a departure from dynamics of capitalist competition but their deepening.

A 5:30 p.m. reception will precede the talk. This event is free and open to the public.

Rhodes Lecture Board