Fall 2020 Housing Selection

To participate in housing selection, a student must complete this online registration by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, March 16, 2020. Students who register by the deadline will be able to enter their housing preferences and roommate groups. Students will also receive and email that will include their time to log into the system and select their housing choice and roommate(s). This email will be sent out between March 18th-21st after the housing portal closes on Monday, March 16, 2020. Those interested in participating in the roommate selection activities should be on the lookout for advertisements.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Rhodes currently has (limited) Gender Inclusive spaces in apartment units. A housing option in which two or more students mutually agree to share a multiple-occupancy bedroom, suite or apartment regardless of students’ sex or gender.

• These spaces are limited and are not guaranteed. The spaces are located in East Village, West Village, Spann and Parkway.

• All members of the suite/apartment must agree to the arrangement and are encouraged to communicate with their families. Rhodes College Department of Residence Life will not communicate directly with families in regard to students’ housing assignments.

• No room changes will be made during move in, or during the first two week or last two weeks of each semester. All room changes must be pre-approved by a staff member in the Residence Life Office.

• Students will not be required to reveal their reasons for opting to live in gender inclusive housing.

• This option is not intended for and is highly discouraged for students involved in romantic relationships.

Housing Selection

• Gender Inclusive spaces will be selected/assigned during the room selection process and will be available on a first come first serve basis.

• Any requests for Gender Inclusive housing should be communicated to Residence Life prior to Monday, March 16th. Request Gender Inclusive housing

• Students should plan to participate in housing selection process with their intended roommates during the appropriate schedule time. A waitlist will be available.

By registering for housing selection, students agree to the housing cancellation policy. By contacting Aretha Milligan, Director of Residence Life, a student may cancel the registration or housing assignment.

  • 1. If a student cancels by 5 p.m. on April 10th, the student will incur no cancellation fee.
  • 2. If a student cancels between April 10 and May 15, a cancellation fee of $250 will be placed on the student's account.
  • 3. Students who cancel between May 16 and June 30 will incur a $500 cancellation fee. After June 30, the cancellation fee is $750.
  • 4. If a student registers for housing, and then decides to participate in a study abroad program during fall semester, the registration will be deferred to the spring semester, and no cancellation fee will be incurred.
  • 5. If a student registers for housing, and subsequently is released from the residency requirement, the registration will be cancelled without penalty.
  • 6. If a student registers for housing and subsequently withdraws or transfers the student will be held to the housing cancellation policy.

By clicking Register for Housing (eRezLife.com), you will be registering for the 2020-2021 housing selection process. You are also acknowledging that you understand and agree to the cancellation fee.

Click here to cancel housing for fall 2020.

Housing Accommodations.

These spaces are limited. All Housing Accommodations requests, will need to go through Melissa Butler, Director of Student Accessibility Services, (butlerm@rhodes.edu) For students returning for Fall 2020 semester, that deadline is March 1st. Use this link to request housing accommodations

Students Currently Studying Abroad or Unable to log into the system

Students who are currently Studying Abroad must contact the Office of Residence Life at reslifestaff@rhodes.edu if they are not able to log into the system to participate. They will need to submit the names of those they wish to live with along with their R#. Those students (current residents) will then need to submit an email with the student’s information who is studying abroad to reslifestaff@rhodes.edu to request the student (one studying abroad) be placed in with them. We should get this information from the student studying abroad on or before 5pm March 13, 2020.

Students Studying Abroad Next Year (Spring 2021)

If you plan to study away in the fall 2020 semester, you are not permitted to participate in the room selection process in the preceding spring semester. Housing for you will be arranged in November 2020 before your return to campus. Students studying away in the spring 2021 semester, who will be on campus during the fall 2020 semester, are encouraged to participate in the room selection process.

Room Selection Day

All students going through room selection MUST have registered through eRezLife.com for the Room Selection Process.

At the designated time that will be emailed to you, you will log into the system and select your space and your roommates.

The floor plans for each building are available online on the residence halls web page. This will go out to each student who has registered to participate in the room selection process.

Lottery System

eRezLife will use the lottery style system to assign each student a sign in time. The sign in time will be done by class. Each class will have times selected for each member of their class.

For example, if the class of 2021 has 150 members to sign up for housing, the system will randomly assign each person a time beginning at 6pm. The first 1-25 will start at 6pm and then the next 26-51 will start at 6:15. This will go on until all members have been assigned a time. The housing portal will close at 10pm. Each evening. Those in the class of 2021 will not be able to go into the system after their day has closed until Friday, March 27 at 1pm. On Friday, March 27th at 1pm the portal will be open to everyone.

This process will be done for each class.

Everyone who registers will receive a time to log into the housing portal.

Between March 18-21st an email will be sent to everyone who registered for the Room Selection Process. That email will include, the date and time when they can log into the system to select their room and roommates for Fall 2020-Spring 2021 school year. Students will be able to see the open spaces each night. A larger class may have more than one night.

Those students currently staying in a RA assigned space will need to participate in the Room selection process. If you are not selected to stay in a RA space for fall 2020-2021, you will need to participate in the Room Selection Process.

RAs not returning will need to participate in the selection process. They will be included with their class.

New RAs (EV and WV) will be selecting their apartment mates. They will provide their names before this process begins. Residence Life will get this information by end of day on March 13th.

Residence Life Staff will be in the residence halls to answer phone calls as needed. 901-843-3241

Housing Selection Etiquette

As you go through housing selection, be considerate of others with regard to your housing choices. Please be an honest participant in the process. The Residence Life Office, Social Regulations Council, and/or Honor Council will investigate allegations of dishonest or unethical behavior.

• If you are unsure if your plan is ethical or not, ask!

• Go through housing selection with the person with whom you intend to live. Do not "use" another roommate with an earlier selection time who will later move out.

• If you plan to live off campus, do not sign up for a room to help a friend with a rooming situation.

• Allegations of dishonest or unethical behavior will be investigated by the Residence Life or the appropriate judicial council.

Important notes:

• You should be prepared with all roommate(s) or roommate information to fill your room or apartment or we will fill in the empty spaces as they go.

• The floor plans for each building are available online on the residence hall's web page.