Student Leadership Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a student leader at Rhodes College. The college could not function without the dedication of our student leaders. You can complete the application via the following link:

To read more about each position, please review the descriptions below:

Global Rhodes Delegates: 
The Rhodes Global Delegate program seeks to provide peer advisors and mentors to students seeking to study abroad, whether that be for the Summer, for a Semester, or for an Academic Year. RGDs meet with students one-on-one, attend Buckman Center Events, and often host their own events on Rhodes campus and in the community in order to showcase what they gained abroad!

International Peer Advisors: 
These students provide leadership to the international student population at Rhodes by helping new international students to acclimate quickly to their new home. The IPAs are older students (US or International) who enjoy being a resource for our international students about life in Memphis, at Rhodes, in the US, and about cultural transitions. 

Rhodes College Ambassadors:
Rhodes College Ambassadors is an organization of students that represent Rhodes College in a campus-to-community capacity. The Rhodes Ambassadors seek to foster beneficial relationships between the Rhodes College campus and the Rhodes community at large. Rhodes’ Ambassadors provide lasting links between Rhodes students, alumni, faculty, and staff through involvement in Alumni Association activities, leadership development, and a strong understanding of the College’s operations and history. 

Rhodes College Diplomats: 
These are some of the most visible student leaders and representatives of the college on campus. Often the first person a visiting family will interact with, a Diplomat provides an all-encompassing tour and personalized experience for each prospective family. Diplomats typically commit to giving 1 tour per week per half-semester as well as helping with various Admission Office events throughout the school year. Prospective Diplomats should be enthusiastic about the college and excited about adding to the awesomeness of the Admission Office. 

Peer Assistants (PA): 
There are a select group of upper class students who assist new students in their academic, personal and social development through a mentoring/helping relationship during the first year experience. They are academically successful, knowledgeable about the campus and available resources, and able to relate well to other students and serve as a positive role model. PAs demonstrate a respect for community standards and a true desire to help others. They are also willing and able to devote an ample amount of time toward programming initiatives that aid in the overall development of first-year students.” Peer Assistants are also expected to participate and attend the weekly first-year seminar classes to continue building relationships with their PA group throughout the first year. 

SOS Mentor: 
Through personal interaction with peer Mentors, the Mentees will develop positive academic and social characteristics that will enable them to adjust to the college environment. The specific format, frequency, and nature of the relationships will be determined by the Mentor and Mentee. Program goals are: 
To facilitate a successful transition to Rhodes for students of color
To reduce isolation, marginalization, and alienation of students of color
To increase retention of students of color
To create a structured environment for cross-cultural interaction and exchange between faculty, staff, students and alumni

Academic Peer Coach: 
Peer academic coaching is one-on-one mentoring to help students better their organizational skills, time management, and study skill development for their coursework. Meetings can be one time or repeated as often as weekly. Peer Coaches lead workshops on time management and active learning, participate in events like Finals Take Down & Finish Your Tree, and post tips on social media. This position is a paid position of $10.00/hr. for up to 7 hours per week.

Resident Assistant: 
The position of Resident Assistant (RA) is an opportunity for student leaders to serve their campus community through the education and development students residing within the residence halls at Rhodes College. RAs create safe and secure communities that highlight the importance of self-responsibility and mutual respect through the administration of community standards. This leadership position also facilitates educational and social programming that enriches the overall student experience and fosters an inclusive living environment. Additionally, RAs play a vital role in helping residents get connected to other students, areas of involvement, campus services, and the greater Rhodes community. The resident assistant position is a paid position.