What's Going On? Campaign Rhetoric, Political Behavior, and the 2016 Election

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2016 has proved a most unusual election season, a reckoning time where issues of race, class, and gender, bolstered by grassroots movements, have been thrust to the fore in the public sphere and the national psyche. What are we to make of the last 18 months, and what can that tell us about the next few weeks, the next four years, and beyond? Join us for a conversation with political scientist Andra Gillespie and grassroots organizer Tami Sawyer as we sort through the familiar and the new in this election cycle, evaluate trends in rhetoric and political behavior, and discuss the intersection of local, national, and global politics.


Co-sponsors include Africana Studies, Gender and Sexuality
    Studies, Political Science, Political Economy, Rhodes Institute
    for Regional Studies, Search, and the Memphis Center