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Kathleen Peters

Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Kathleen W. Peters is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies. She received a doctorate in religion from Emory University, an M.A. in religion from the University of Georgia, and her undergraduate degree in history, also from the University of Georgia. She is an expert in material culture, specializing in ancient Southwest Asian history and archaeology. Dr. Peters has taught courses whose content ranges from the Bible and the ancient Mediterranean World to Great Books, World Religions, Medieval History, Renaissance-Early Modern History, Western Civilizations, and World Civilizations. Spring 2020 will see the publication of her recent scholarly work on a Renaissance era shrine devoted to Saint Francis of Assisi, Sacred Views: The Sacro Monte di Orta (forthcoming, Punctum Press). 

At Rhodes, Dr. Peters teaches both Life and Search classes. Her courses have included:  The Bible and Archaeology, The Hebrew Bible and Archaeology, Biblical Themes in European Art from the 4th-18th Centuries, The Search for Values in Western History and Religion (I and II), Introduction to the Bible, and Introduction to Christianity.


Ph.D., Emory University
M.A., University of Georgia
B.A., University of Georgia