Dana Horgen

Dana Horgen

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Laboratory Coordinator

Dr. Horgen joined the Chemistry Department in the Fall of 2014.  Prior to teaching at Rhodes, Dr. Horgen’s doctoral work and main research area was in Organic synthesis and analysis.  One research topic focused on the preparation, purification and study of a new class of molecules called azulene diols.  These molecules are brightly colored and crystalline at room temperature.  The stereochemistry associated with these diols led to further study about the effect of the azulene ring on the diastereomeric differences between the isomers of each specific molecule.  (see publication information below)  Other research interests include phosphorus containing ligands for homogeneous catalysis such as rhodium catalyzed hydrformylation.


Horgen, D.A.; Klausmeyer, K.K.; Carson, C.; Shen, H.; Garner, C.M. Remarkably large remote-stereocenter induced chromatographic differences: Azulene 1,5-diols. Tetrahedron Lett. 2014, 55, 128–132.

Horgen, D. A.; Garner, C. M. Influence of the Azulene Ring on the Enantioseparation of 1,5-Diols.  Chromatography. 2014, 1, 65-74.


BA, St. Olaf College
PhD, Baylor University