Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator or Project Director Applying for a Grant

  • Notifying the Grants and Foundations Manager, Lydia Spencer, as early as possible of your intention to apply for a grant.
  • Reading the funding opportunity notice in detail.
  • Drafting a proposal that follows the relevant guidelines or instructions in it. Watch for requirements regarding page limits, font style and size, margins and line spacing, special page headers and footers.
  • Recommended: have a colleague read your draft proposal for content, clarity and accuracy.
  • Being aware of items that require collaboration or an outside agency and initiating these early in the grant process (e.g., letters of support—draft these for your partners/supporters and you will get them back easier and faster).
  • Compliance with all grant policies in the college handbook, faculty section, at
  • Preparing the budget and budget narrative.
  • Filling out the External Grant Checklist (links to Box) appropriately and completely, attaching it to the draft proposal and budget with a brief abstract, and circulating it for signatures. Allow 2 weeks for this process; plan to have all documentation submitted to Lydia Spencer, the grants and foundations manager, 2 weeks before the grant deadline. 

Already received the grant? See Managing Your Grant.