European Studies Program

European Studies is celebrating 30 years of inspiring students to expand their worldview and pursue their academic passions through hands-on experience. 
Founded in 1988, European Studies is the first collaborative study abroad program jointly owned by Rhodes College and The University of the South (Sewanee). The semester-long program provides students with an opportunity to combine study at prestigious Lincoln College, Oxford University, with extensive travel across Continental Europe. Students are immersed in the study of a specific historical period within one of three options:

  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Medieval and Renaissance Europe
  • Contemporary Europe

Each option provides students an unrivalled opportunity to visit many of Europe′s greatest monuments, cities, landscapes and works of art. In 2019, the program will offer the following two options; Medieval and Renaissance Europe and Contemporary Europe.

St. Marks in Venice

Each semester-long program track offers 18 credits earned through an in-depth exploration of Europe through its culture, literature, history, and art.

A student sit on a curb on a European street, sketching in a notebook

European Studies is seeking outstanding students who are open to deepening their understanding of Europe snd its vast historical and cultural contributions through study and travel.

Students sit on a fence under a tree overlooking a scenic landscape in Vezelay, France

All tuition, room and board, and excursions are covered in the total cost of the program. Recurring instiutional aid from Rhodes and Sewanee will be applied.