Financial Aid

Which Financial Aid Can I Use, and For Which Programs?

The Portability of Financial Aid Chart (PDF) quickly indicates which programs enable the transferring of Rhodes institutional aid and Federal/State aid.  Financial aid as granted by Rhodes applies to the Rhodes European Studies program, ISEP semester or year-long exchanges, and all Rhodes bilateral exchange programs. Students in the European Studies program pay their tuition and fees to Rhodes and receive financial aid as granted by Rhodes. Aid is limited to the amount that would be granted in support of a semester’s study at Rhodes. Students participating in Rhodes bilateral exchange or an ISEP semester or year-long exchange pay tuition (and in some cases room and board) to Rhodes, receiving financial aid as if they were at Rhodes. The payments to Rhodes meet the expenses of the exchange student from abroad while at Rhodes; the Rhodes students receive tuition or tuition, room, and board abroad.

Students enrolled in semester or year-long non-Rhodes programs may obtain non-campus-based Title IV funds for which the student may qualify. However, no Rhodes funds or campus-based Title IV assistance will be available.  In order to continue any existing federal financial aid (e.g. Stafford Loan, Pell Grants, Parent Loans, etc.) when participating in a non-Rhodes program, students must complete the Consortium Agreement for Financial Aid form.

Porting Your Financial Aid

If you have financial aid that is eligible to be ported for your program, you may need to complete a Consortium Agreement (this form is contained in the Off-Campus Study Application).  Students do not need this form if they are participating on Rhodes′ European Studies program, ISEP semester or year-long exchanges, and all Rhodes bilateral exchange programs.

If you plan to use a study abroad scholarship, other financial aid, and/or any other funds which will create a credit balance on your Rhodes student account to pay a portion or all of your bill for the program, please forward the programmatic invoice to the Bursar, Richard Huddleston (or by fax: 901-843-3435).  He will pay the portion of the invoice which your existing or anticipated credit balance will allow.  In the event that additional funds are needed, or there is an overage in your account, he will notify you of the next steps via email.