Season 34

Devised and directed by David Jilg, McCoy Associate Professor

During his sabbatical in the fall semester of 2013, Professor David Jilg developed a performance piece centered on and connecting the myths about the ancient Greek city of Thebes. These reimaginings of these classic stories of jealous gods and human vulnerability remind us that our search for understanding fate is far from over.

Thebes, Season 34

By Paula Vogel 
Directed by Jack Dee ′15 

Anna and her lover Ruth live with their gay BFF Peter, who is the biological father-to-be of Anna′s unborn child. While they live a comfortable existence in a reality of their own design, the apartment simply isn′t big enough for their other three roommates - the dissociative personalities named Cecil, Henri, and Orphan who are shared between Anna and Ruth. What to do?

And Baby Makes 7, Season 34

By Bertolt Brecht 
Adapted by Eric Bentley with music and lyrics by Michael Rice

Directed by Dave Mason with musical direction of Renee Kemper

In one of Brecht′s best-known works, we look in on the humble life of Shen Te, a "working girl" living a meager existence. Gods visiting in disguise are not welcomed by the citizens of Setzuan and are highly displeased until they are shown charity by a sympathetic Shen Te. The gods reward her for her hospitality and she is soon elevated out of poverty - this reward, however, does not come without a test.

Good Woman of Setzuan, Season 34