Season 33

By Jane Martin
Directed by Bob Hetherington

If you’ve never been in a play, you’ll feel like you have once this night is over. Seven women perform all the roles in this comedy about a Texas theatre troupe’s attempt to stage a production of Checkov’s “Three Sisters.” You’ll be introduced to newcomers, divas, idealists and cynics as the rocky rehearsal process heats up, and between the laughs we will all be reminded that everyone’s a critic.

Anton in Show Business, Season 33

By Evan Linder 
Conceived by Mary Hollis Inboden

Directed by Cookie Ewing

On March 24, 1998, two young boys opened fire at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro, Arkansas, killing four students and a teacher as well as injuring an additional 10 students. Mary Hollis Inboden, a former Memphis actress now based out of Chicago, was in attendance that day and the casualties were her classmates. Recently, she reconnected with her fellow survivor “Westside Warrior” classmates, and this play is the result. It examines the different ways a tragedy might affect each individual, and how every day of life is a gift.

The Warriors, Season 33

Book by Alex Timbers 
Music and lyrics by Michael Friedman 
directed by Jordan Nichols 

In a re-imagining of early America’s years of growing pains, Andrew Jackson is elevated to rock star status. We’ll watch this Tennessee son grow from childhood to governor of Florida after his controversial Native American relocation plans and the Battle of New Orleans. We’ll see his presidential bid denied after winning the popular vote, then a triumphant Comeback Tour with the formation of the Democratic Party which seats him firmly in the White House. Hero or murderer, patriot or scoundrel, Jackson’s legacy is left for the audience to decide.

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Season 33