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Greek and Roman Studies Book Signing: October 28, 2013

Professors Ariel Lopez and Geoff Bakewell will be discussing their recent publications, Shenoute of Atripe and the Uses of Poverty and Aeschylus′s Suppliant Women: The Tragedy of Immigration respectively, in Blount Auditorium at 4:30 on October 28, 2013. A reception and book signing to follow.

Ides of March Reenactment: March 27, 2013

CA′ESAR is holding the annual Ides of March reenactment in front of the Lynx Statue. Come find out how the senators of Rome deal with those they consider "too ambitious".

Lectures by Visiting Professors: March 21-22, 2013

On Thursday, March 21, Professor Max Goldman from Vanderbilt will deliver a lecture entitled “Performers and Prostitutes in the Classical Athenian Symposium.” The following day, Friday, March 22, Professor Rebecca Futo Kennedy from Denison will speak on the topic “Educated and Liberated:  Aspasia and the Myth of the Courtesan.”

GRS Travel Study Night: October 30, 2012

Join the Department of Greek and Roman Studies to learn about summer and semester programs. Recent attendees will give presentations on their experiences abroad. The event will be held in the Language Center at 7 p.m. Come enjoy "Homer′s Favorite Snack" and learn about all the opportunities available!

Festivus MMXII: November 17, 2012

The third annual celebration of Festivus, a Latin festival for middle and high school students, will be held on the morning of November 17th at MUS this year. For more information, contact Ryan Sellars at MUS. Rhodes students and faculty wishing to volunteer for the event should contact Stephen Leavelle (

CA′ESAR: Egyptian Exhibit Trip: September 15, 2012

Be sure to mark your calendar for next Saturday, September 15.  CA′ESAR is taking a trip to the University of Memphis to tour the Ancient Egyptian Collection in the Institute ofEgyptian Art and Archaeology.  Dr. Ariel Lopez will provide us with a brief background of the artifacts, and we′ll also stop byCafe Eclectic afterwards for dessert. If you′d like to join us, meet in the Library breezeway (between the Middle Ground and the Library) at 1:30 PM.

Hora Cafaearia

Iucundum aliquid vivae Latinitatis-Nuntiamus: Horam Cafaeariam! Venite togati et cum amicis Latinis veteribus et novis loquimini Latine. Licet omnibus cenare cubitis fulcientibus. Dicite quidlibet velitis et possitis. (Minimae poenae pro erroribus dabuntur.) Omni Die Martis, in Terra Media, Tertia Hora Meridiei (Every Tuesday, Middle Ground, 3:30-4:30 p.m.).

CA′ESAR Meetings

For information, contact Stephen Leavelle ( 

Past Events

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Panathenaia Festival: April 14, 2012

The Classical and ′Ellenic Society at Rhodes will host its annual Panathenaia festival on Saturday, April 14 at 4:30 pm in EV Lodge. In keeping with the traditions of this ancient Greek festival, we will be feasting on Greek food, enjoying theatrical events (including Classics charades, pictionary, etc. and watching Jason and the Argonauts), and decorating a "peplos"--a robe woven and dedicated to Athena, Athens′ patron goddess. Celebrants will then dedicate our peplos to Rhodes patron deity, the Lynx statue. All are welcome to join in the festivities! For more information, contact

Ides of March MMXII: March 7, 2012 (not really the Ides)

CA′ESAR will again be assassinating its namesake this year; since Caesar has wised up over the past 2,056 years and is usually on guard on the 15th (and because we′re on spring break), we′ll be holding the deed on the 7th instead. Come watch us perform with fake blood, fake knives, and real Shakespeare as the Lynx Statue looks on! If you are interested in assassinating or being assassinated (or just running around in togas with fake knives), contact our coordinator Stephen Leavelle (lease). The event will happen at noon in front of the Lynx. Be there and watch tyranny die!

The 7-Shot Symphony: Jan. 25, 2012

 Hailed as "the love child of Quentin Tarantino and Cirque du Soleil," and "avant-garde for the masses," Live Action Set′s mash-up of seven myths from around the world reinterpreted against the backdrop of American′s epic Old West has received both popular and critical acclaim across the Midwest. The show′s American setting of superhuman strength, heroism, and comeuppance illuminates the contemporary relevance of these ancient tales.

Performed without sets or props, just with a whole lot of creative ingenuity, The 7-Shot Symphony (aka The Kickass Cowboy Show) places focus on the actors′ bare ability to illuminate a world of richly filled images "in such the way that Quentin Tarantino would decide to stage a play." Creating visually entertaining and emotionally insightful storytelling, Live Action Set builds upon its roots in dance, continues its tradition of "physical theater," and infuses elements borrowed from cinematogrophay, cartoons, Italy′s Commedia dell′Arte, and France′s treteau traditions.

Performances are supported by live, original tunes from Minneapolis-based band Tree Party, whose style puts a contemporary twist on traditional country music.

The group will perform at Rhodes College on January 25 at 6 pm in Hardie Auditorium of Palmer Hall. For more information about the group, visit The event is sponsored by the Department of Greek and Roman Studies, the Search program, and the Rhodes Learning Corridor.

Festivus, A Latin Celebration!: Nov. 19, 2011

Update: Pictures from the event are up on our Flicker page--see the link above! Also, congratulations to all our competitors. Winners of our competitions are listed on the "Festivus Results" page. The Department of Greek and Roman Studies, with help from CA′ESAR and ΗΣΦ, will again sponsor a Latin festival, Festivus, for local middle and high school students the morning of November 19 on the Rhodes campus. Students will enjoy certamina, ludi, praemia, gustationes, facinora fortitudinis, et alia! Teachers wishing to register their students or obtain more information should contact Prof. Kenny Morrell ( or the Dept. of Greek and Roman Studies at 843-3733; fees ($5/student) are due on November 19. Rhodes students wishing to volunteer for  the event should contact Michelle Currie (curml). For more information, click here.

"The Flowering of Pollution in Greek Tragedy": Oct. 24, 2011

What is Dionysian about Greek tragedy? This question has occupied scholars ever since Nietzsche formulated it over a century ago in the Birth of Tragedy. Increasingly complex interpretations have been offered but seldom with any attempt to situate tragedy within a uniquely Dionysian cultic context. Dr. Marcel Widzisz, of St. John′s College in Annapolis, will approach this question by examining the best known Dionysiac cult, the Anthesteria, which pairs what should be opposite religious registers: a strong sense of pollution with equally strong overtones of exuberant celebration. This same dynamic occurs, as he will show, at crucial junctures throughout the plays of Aeschylus and Sophocles, as well as the very earliest plays of Euripides. The lecture will be held at 4:15 in FJ-B. All are welcome.

"Sweetly Nods the Delian Palm: Approaches to Reading Callimachus′ Hymn to Apollo": Oct. 6, 2011

Callimachus was arguably the most important literary scholar and poet of the Alexandrian period. He authored the Pinakes ("Tables"), the most comprehensive bibliographical reference work of the time, and his poetic works such as the Hymns, Aetia, and Iambi established an aesthetic vision that shaped subsequent Roman poetry. Professor Ben Acosta-Hughes, Professor of Classics at the Ohio State University, will discuss how the Hymn to Apollo illustrates Callimachus′ creative approach and his relationship to the archaic and classical traditions he inherited and transformed. The lecture, which is presented by the Department of Greek and Roman Studies and Sunoiksis, a national initiative of classics programs sponsored by the Center for Hellenic Studies (, will take place at 7 pm in Buckman 108. All are welcome to attend.

Ludus et Pellicula Latina--Nox de Latina Loquenda: Sept. 27, 2011

Have you ever wanted to watch Rome with Latin subtitles or play a board game in Latin? Here′s your chance! Last summer, two Rhodes students received fellowships to attend spoken Latin conventions and design materials for use by other students wishing to practice their conversational Latin. If you′d like to help test out the projects, come by the Language Center in Palmer at 6:00 to enjoy delicious snacks and Latin conversation!

1. Festivus Results

Festivus Mmxi: Rhodes College Latin Day
Competition Winners

Roman Food

Middle School:
Second Place: Jordyn Johnson (St. Mary′s)
 First Place: Lucy Landrum (St. Mary′s)

High School:
Second Place: William Lamb (MUS)
 First Place: Jack Hersman (MUS)

Animal Mosaics

Third Place: William Lamb (MUS)

Second Place: Alexandra Hamm (St. Benedict′s)

First Place: Amelia Hidayat (White Station High School)


First: Jason Gupta, Annaliese Sloves, Richard Townley, Elyza Montefalcon (White Station High School)

Vox Populi: Ellen Alexander, Camryn Dean, Blair Cox, Lilly Russell (St. Mary′s)

Costume Contest

Second: Seth Bryan (White Station High School) 
First: Lucy Landrum (St. Mary′s)

Roman World Quiz

Middle School: Yunhua Zhao (MUS)

High School: Nicholas Rouse (MUS)


High School: MUS I: Nicholas Rouse, Andrew Raves, Edward Simpson, Shivam Bhakta, Tejvir Vaghela

Middle School: MUS I: Yunhua Zhao, Jack Hirschman, Max Friedman, Kyle Day