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Project description: This study aims to evaluate the factors that contribute to the regionally distinct healthcare experiences in hopes of promoting the development of future health initiatives that are meaningful, practical, and community-informed.

Mentor: Julia Hanebrink

Recent Project Titles:

  • 2017:Evaluating Psychosocial Issues in Post-war Northern Uganda
  • 2016: Unearthing Justice: Forensic Science as a tool for Transitional Justice in Northern Uganda.
  • 2013: Assessing Sexual- and Gender-Based Violence: Participatory Action Research in Northern Uganda.
  • 2012: Navigating Structural Violence in Uganda's Public Healthcare System: Personal Health Seeking Behaviors as Political Acts Among Communities in Eastern and Northern Uganda.
  • 2011: Medical Pluralism in Uganda: Health Seeking Behaviors and Healthcare Perspectives.


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Project description: This multi-year study explores the performance of a community-based health insurance (CBHI) organization in Southwestern Uganda and focuses on the potential of CBHI to increase access to healthcare for historically disadvantaged groups. Working with this organization, the team will identify other research questions related to issues of health care access in terms of quality, affordability, and availability. Uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to understand the current health landscape in Uganda.

Mentors: Daryl Stephens, Julia Hanebrink, Tumuhimbise Manasseh, and Kakunta Daniel

Recent Project Titles

  • 2017:Human Papillomavirus and Cervical Cancer in Southwestern Uganda
  • 2015: A Needs Assessment of Akashanda Health Center.
  • 2014: Customer Satisfaction and Household Retention in Community-Based Health Financing in Uganda: An Analysis of Ishaka Health Plan.
  • 2013: Insights and Challenges of Community-Based Health Insurance/Financing in Uganda: A Case Study on the Ishaka Health Plan.