MHIRT Project Descriptions

MHIRT offers research sites in Brazil, Nicaragua, and Uganda. Students spend 10 weeks during the summer at their designated international research site. Rhodes has partnered with leading scientists and universities in these countries who serve as research mentors for MHIRT students.

Recent MHIRT Project Titles


  • 2018: Geospatial correlation between Autism Spectrum Disorder and pesticide use in the United States
  • 2018: Association of Exposure to Pesticides and Congenital Malformations in the United States

Florianopolis Site #1:

  • 2018: Olfactory Fear Conditioning in Rats: Combination of Interoceptive and Exteroceptive Stimuli

Florianopolis Site #2:

  • 2018: Catalase as Biomarker in Crassostrea brasiliana Exposed to Xenobiotics

Florianopolis Site #3:

  • 2018: The Effect of Fluoxetine on Male Rats with Endotoxemia

Sao Paulo Site #2:

Unavailable for 2019

Sao Paulo Site #4

  • 2018: The Standardization of a New Color Vision Test: Multi Color Vision
  • 2018: The Visual Opsin Genes of Diurnal and Nocturnal Frogs
  • 2018: Electrophysiology of New Zealand Rabbits

Uganda (Ishaka)

  • 2018: Development and Evaluation of a Socio-Cultural Training in Uganda